Many people attest to having better productivity and a happier environment when a workplace is allowed to bring their dogs into the office.



A study conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) has backed up these findings..

According to a 2008 national poll of working Americans 18 and older by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, 17% reported their company permits pets at work. In 2012, the group reported in a separate study that workers surveyed brought their dogs with them to work 22 times in 2012, compared with 17 times in 2008. Reaching down and petting a dog is an easy way to ratchet things down when you need to.  Nevertheless…is it a good idea or not…?

Some Pro’s and Con’s:

De-stress, improves morale, helping to bond employees and perhaps even helps to attract new and retain staff?

Co-Workers with fear or allergies of animals , animals are distracting and there might be an issue with legal liability. 

What do you think….. ?

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