About our Logo

We are proudly introducing our refreshed design and Logo ! Many people asked us about it so let me introduce you to the designer: Mr. Dominic Teo.  He is the owner and creative Consultant at Radical Vision Design Communications based in Singapore.

About the new StoopConsultants Logo Mr Teo says:


  It’s symbolic of the business of HR, in looking for and synergising the perfect employer-employee relationship. The logotype is rendered in Futura font for a contemporary and professional look.
This monogram is made up of 3 arrows rotated 45˚ in an upward and forward trajectory to symbolise the 3 tenets of StoopConsultants – commitment, integrity and trust. It is rendered in 3 tints of cyan to represent the different career opportunities the company can help facilitate. The type is set in a contemporary font and equally weighted to project a balanced, steadfast company ethos.


We hope you will be as excited as we are with our new look!

If you’re interested in his other unique designs pls contact Mr.Teo via email: dominic@radicalvision.sg or have a look at his great website: https://www.radicalvision.sg