HR Consultant Hospitality

Christiaan Stoop

After Christiaan completed his culinary degree at the well known Munich Restaurant group Käfer, he successfully moved on to various Michelin-Star awarded restaurants.  In Munich he worked as ‘Demi Chef de Partie at  the ‘Esszimmer ’ and in Barcelona, Spain he obtained a deeper insight of the Catalan and Spanish Cuisine. He worked there at the ‘Moments’ and ‘la Castanya’. In 2017 Christiaan started to work as a ‘Chef de Partie’  at the world famous restaurant owned by Heston Blumenthal,  ‘The Fat Duck’. Christiaan is now based in New Delhi, India to work for the Oberoi Hotel group, a 5 star luxury Hotel as a sous chef.
He speaks 4 languages: German, Dutch, English and Spanish (B1) and has an huge international Business network.
At StoopConsultants he is always willing to help and assist you on any issues related to Staffing issues in the restaurant/hospitality industry.

Christiaan is a very experienced traveller who enjoys to explore different people, mindsets and cultures. In his free time he likes to paint or he can be found in the gym.

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