Roel Westra
Roel Westra – StoopConsultants
HR Advisor

Roel Westra

Roel was born and raised in the Netherlands. He built up his career in HR and Performance Management with a focus on leadership, learning and development. After that he built up his own company and worked project- based in consulting, focussing on the growth of entrepreneurship in companies. His professional experience extended into guiding and implementing Change in organisations and behavioural aspects. Recently creating company value with change towards sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Roel always strives to get the best out of people and organisations. Making the right match, working with a structured and supported approach. He is persuasive with enthusiasm, agile, realistic and down-to-earth.

He speaks English, German and Dutch fluently.

In spring 2019 Roel and his wife moved from Italy to Bayern, south of Munich so close to the mountains. Both love hiking, skiing, running and crossfit.

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