Everyone has a hidden talent…

I heard this saying quite a lot while I was younger it always intrigued me because I never considered myself as a person with a special talent. Or skill or passion.. Apparently it takes time to find out what it may be, however who has time these days? You need to act now…you need to deliver now!

Talent, Skill and Passion –  3 different things !

Passion enthusiasm and excitement we have for something and comes of our own inner desires.

Skill is something you have learned –  Skill is best exemplified by the “10,000 hour rule”  – that claims it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in any particular area.

Talent is what we are born with. It is any natural ability or power so it is the natural capability we have, to do something better than others.

The question is does everyone have a hidden talent ?  And did you discover yours ?

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