Adaptability and Flexibility …

How many “Let’s grab a coffee sometimes“ emails / invitations  do you get each week?

Yesterday’s customer didn’t need a long discussion to convince me to meet at a Munich city centre café – not for a coffee but for a cold beer!  The refreshments and free wifi is a great thing but it may not be the right place for your meeting if you’re discussing very sensitive information. If it’s crowded and noisy you have to be very careful not to be overheard.  I experienced more matey chats and gained insights in my customer’s personal life.  But never forget that it’s still your customer you’re talking to….

Nevertheless – it was pretty funny, entertaining and successful so I must admit… It is great to do business ‘ the Bavarian way’ !!

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  • Peter J. Henderson
    Posted August 10, 2018 12:30 pm

    if you can combine pleasure and fun .. then why not?

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