‘Unwords’ can kill your Presentation (and Reputation)

The purpose of your presentation or speech:

You want to share key insights, essential information and data, with clear objectives; directly and with precision. Unfortunately, too many key account managers, sales managers and even C-Level managers are blowing their message, Sales and own corporate image by holding disastrous speeches or presentations.

It’s all about two areas:

  • WHAT you say (content)
  • HOW you say it (delivery)

I won’t say anything about the contents but for sure one can erase the ‘WHAT’ completely if the ‘HOW’ is done incorrectly….

Just a few ‘Presentationskillers’ I witnessed myself over the last years:

  • Chaos: Before the actual Presentation started, the speaker dropped his papers, pushed over a chair and couldn’t find his USB stick immediately…
  • Stuttering / Stammering – The presenter is competent with the material but gets nervous and begins to stutter on stage. This can be avoided: Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse! Practice in front of a mirror or with your friends, co-workers or spouse. The more you practice, the better. Video record yourself; you’ll see that you do much better than you assumed. 
  • Invisible speaker – Present yourself and do not hide behind a table, slides or anything else. You own the stage – ‘Stand Tall’!
  • Dead Beamer – Ensure all equipment is working well – Projectors, lights and audio quality. Make sure your slides can be read!
  • Bad jokes – Humor is great – if it’s natural. You don’t have to be funny. There’s nothing more painful than forced humor.
  • ‘Unwords’ –   Ouhhhhh, ahhhh, so on, you know, like, so,…  Once I counted 80 ‘eeeuhs’ in a CEO’s Christmas speech!  Another speaker said the phrases ‘in fact’, ‘in principle’ and ‘in general’ in almost every sentence.  People started to laugh. Not only this distorts the intended message completely but it also destroys this person’s likeability.

Do you want your speech to be remembered for its content ?
Invest a few days in yourself..

Some time ago I have done a 3 day ‘PowerTalk training’ and I wished I had done this training 10 years ago.

Take the time to invest in yourself.

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