Fantastic Friday: I’m totally flabbergasted to have won this prize!

Participating in on-line Survey’s is something I do only very occasionally – it has to be meaningful and related to our business.

Now there was a survey organised by; Statista GmbH is a German online portal for statistics that makes data from market and opinion research institutions as well as from business and official statistics available in German, English, Spanish and French. It is one of the most successful statistics databases in the world.

Remember the quote: ”In God we trust, all others must bring data” – from W. Edwards Deming ? The Statista portal might be the right starting point for you!

Anyway, the subject of this survey was ”Top Personaldienstleister 2020” so the match to our business was there.

Winning this Apple Watch then was a big surprise and I will start to use it immediately!

Statistica GmbH, and especially analyst Mr. Popp, many thanks for this !

Fons Stoop

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